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Better Scientific Software Fellowship Community



The Better Scientific Software (BSSw) Fellowship Program ( gives recognition and funding to leaders and advocates of high-quality scientific software. Since its launch in 2018, the BSSw Fellowship alums have comprised a diverse community of leaders, mentors, and consultants to increase the visibility of those involved in scientific software production and sustainability in the pursuit of scientific discovery. Our community of like-minded individuals is interested in improving all aspects of the work of scientific software development. To this aim, the BSSw Fellowship Program fosters and promotes practices, processes, and tools to improve developer productivity and software sustainability.

This Birds-of-a-Feather session provides an opportunity to learn more about and engage with the BSSw Fellowship community. The BSSw Fellowship community consists of fellowship recipients and honorable mentions from 2018 through the recently announced 2024 class. Working at the forefront of scientific software development, each community member will speak to specific needs and solutions for the continuing advancement of the practice of scientific software development. This BOF will start with a brief overview of the BSSw Fellowship Program, followed by a short introduction by each of the Fellows and Honorable Mentions in attendance. We will allow at least 30 minutes for small breakout conversations so that audience members can interact with our presenters directly.