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Building an Inclusive and Productive Community from Many Organizations to Support Software Stewardship



In this BoF, we will facilitate a discussion about how to continue building a software stewardship community among our many different labs and organizations. We will begin with a thirty-minute community-building game called Same and Different, where we will ask members to join breakout rooms. In each breakout, participants will form a list of interesting things that they all have in common and something that is unique to each of them. Then, we will ask them to do the same for their software development efforts. Each breakout room will have an opportunity to share their lists in the main room, and we will discuss the results and what opportunities there are among them for community building. From there, we will proceed to discuss how we can collaborate to foster an inclusive community to support software stewardship. We will look to the CASS crosscutting layer for Promoting Inclusive and Equitable Research (PIER) planning as a starting point for discussion because it is a plan that is common to many different efforts spread over many different organizations, containing several inclusive community-building projects in its charge.